Welcome to our product range: GoldWhip’s all-new Nitro Glow series range:

Light up your nitro cocktail with our Glow in The Dark Tank.

Welcome our most premium product to our GoldWhip range. The mysterious intrigue of our nitro glow in the dark series, leaves you wanting more. This product is perfect for mixologists, bartenders and those who love to whip up a drink at home.

The fun fact about glow in the dark tanks is that Inorganic phosphors found in photoluminescent or glow in the dark materials absorb light in the visible and ultra-violet spectrum before reemitting visible light, or a “glow.”

Did you know that making drinks is one of the most common usages of nitrous oxide canisters? All you need is the cocktail recipe, some N2O cartridges and a whip cream dispenser.

Prepare the ingredients, add them to the cream whipper, add N2O to the dispenser, and then pour the mixture into a glass to serve. A silk sheets drink and a pina colada are two excellent cocktails you can prepare.

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