GoldWhip Original (aluminium)

Welcome to our product range – GoldWhip’s original premium food grade nitrous oxide: Re-imagined and re-designed.

Our new GoldWhip Original Aluminium tank provides you with a lightweight design. Perfect for any professional chef, mixologist and home cook to create a variety of decadent recipes in the comfort of their kitchen.

One of our most popular and sought-after products, the GoldWhip Original series tank is favoured by both professional and home cooks because of its capacity and streamlined design. It is strong and long-lasting because it is entirely made of aluminum, so it can easily withstand any bumps and scrapes. The base to the very top of this tank is made entirely of the durable yet lightweight metal alloy aluminum, which was used to build this professional-quality cream canister.

Our brand-new classic series has 615 grams of high-quality nitrous oxide and charges in half the time as traditional cream chargers.

The benefits of choosing an Original GoldWhip Aluminium series tank:

  1. Aluminum resists the elements and doesn’t corrode.
  2. When compared to steel, aluminum is almost a third less in weight. 
  3. Aluminum is noteworthy in how much it can be recycled, having one of the most environmentally friendly production processes of any metal.

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