GoldWhip Pro Series

Welcome to our product range – GoldWhip’s all-new Pro series range: Made for the Professional Chef.

From high end gourmet chefs to professional pastry chefs, this GoldWhip Pro series was designed just for you. That’s right, enjoy the premium versatility of our Pro tank. 

Cream chargers and tanks have changed the food and beverage sector over time. Thanks to N2O chargers, professional chefs have developed novel and distinctive culinary inventions.

The Pro series tank, which is best suited for professional chefs are incredibly well-made and capable of withstanding almost all typical types of damage. We are all aware of how hectic and demanding professional kitchens can be. These conditions can cause a variety of mistakes, such as dropping or bumping your canister, but thanks to this product’s superior build quality, it will be able to withstand this kind of pressure and continue to work at a high level.

The elegant aluminum tank ensures the greatest purity N2O and is resistant to corrosion and rust. After usage, this cylinder can be disposed of in the ordinary trash.

Better sustainability: Aluminum is better for the environment and consumers because it is non-toxic, odourless, impermeable, and does not rust. It is completely biodegradable and imparts no metallic flavour to meals.

GoldWhip Pro series has a luxury, sleek design that fits wonderfully on a kitchen or bar counter, offering visitors a preview of the amazing creations that the tank is capable of.

Low weight, high performance; the new product line from GoldWhip is a useful option for wholesalers and caterers alike due to the significant weight reduction caused by the aluminum casing.

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