Welcome our most premium product to our aluminium product range – our nitro glow in the dark cocktail series tank.

The first step to know in order to activate your tank is that you must expose the tank to light for it to charge up if you want it to glow. It will continue to light for several hours after being charged.

For your convenience, we recommend charging your glow tank with your phones light.

Follow this simple guide on how to activate your GoldWhip glow in the dark tank.

Step 1: Remove the glow tank from the box
Step 2: Expose to light
Step 3: Turn off the lights and watch it glow

What results should I expect?

The brightness of the glow that your eyes detect will depend on how well-adapted your eyes are to the dark. Your ability to see in the dark will determine how bright the glow is. In fact, the more acclimated your eyes become, the brighter the illumination of the glow tank will appear to be.

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