You bought it, you’ve got it, but do you know how to use nitrous oxide SAFELY? The following information will clarify the SAFE usability of a cream charger and cream dispenser in the food industry.

If you have cartridges, room temperature is not a big deal, but if using a cylinder or cream charger, try to keep it in a well-ventilated space. Nitrous oxide is non-flammable, but when exposed to high temperatures, it can cause a fire.

If you decide to use a canister or cartridge – insert the capsule into the cartridge holder and tighten it well. You will hear a slight click that means the cartridge is pierced. This click should be your signal of “ready-to-use”.

Here are some basic safety tips designed to help you minimise the health risks of using nitrogen oxide tanks & chargers:

  • Don’t use cheap quality brands of N2O canisters that may contain manufacturing leftovers
  • Remember to use a glove to avoid freeze burns
  • If you accidentally burn yourself with the freezing, consult a physician immediately
  • Don’t use a cream whipper with a leaking head gasket
  • Store unused cartridges out of reach of children to avoid accidents
  • Store nitrogen in a cool, dark place. Never expose your cartridges to extreme heat or a naked flame as they can and will explode, possibly causing serious bodily harm.
  • Don’t mix nitrogen with other substances like alcohol or other recreational drugs.

A few safety precautions to consider during cleaning:

  • Cleaning or removing the little gaskets on the pressure valve stick too forcefully can cause damage.
  • Never use stainless steel cleaners or other abrasive cleaning solutions on your cream whipper.
  • Do not remove the pressure valve stick while the bottle is filled with nitrous oxide.

N2O can become dangerous if not used responsibly or sensibly. Beware of the associated health risks, short-term side effects, and long-term side effects caused by using nitrous oxide recreationally.

If you have any questions you’d like us to address, contact us and we would be happy to guide you.