GoldWhip GLOW IN THE DARK 615g Aluminium Cream Charger Tank

615g Tank

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Light up your cocktail bar with our Cocktail series “Glow in The Dark” Tanks.

Welcome our most premium product to our GoldWhip range. The mysterious intrigue of our glow in the dark tank, leaves you wanting more. This product is perfect for mixologists, bartenders and those who love to whip up a drink at home.

The fun fact about glow in the dark tanks is that Inorganic phosphors found in photoluminescent or glow in the dark materials absorb light in the visible and ultra-violet spectrum before reemitting visible light, or a “glow.”

Did you know that making drinks is one of the most common usages of nitrous oxide canisters? All you need is the cocktail recipe, some N2O and a whip cream dispenser.

The benefits of using our product:

Lightweight: Our premium tanks are made from Aluminium. Aluminium is seen as a premium product in the N2O market because it is an adaptable material with several benefits over steel.

It is well known for being more lightweight and flexible than steel

Aluminium has a density that is around one-third that of steel.

Sustainability: Our tanks are completely recyclable and keeps all its original properties throughout the recycling process. It is better for the environment and customers because:

It is completely biodegradable and imparts no metallic flavour to meals.

Our tanks result in a significant decrease in waste and a more environmentally friendly material choice.

Ultra-strong 100% aluminium case for ultra-strong resistance against corrosion and rust.

Featherweight: with 50% less weight than previously.

Nitrous oxide of food-grade purity assessed at 99.7%.

No odour or taste of any material

Solid and superior craftsmanship.

Remember, if you’re looking for something else, make sure to view the rest of the GoldWhip range!

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