GreatWhip 24Pcs.

They are made of premium quality pure nitrous oxide, which is certified for human consumption. GreatWhip cream chargers are compatible with any regular cream whipper dispenser.

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Great Whip N2O chargers are compatible with many cream whippers. They are made of 8 grams of the best quality and food grade nitrous oxide. The construction of these chargers is made from pure recyclable steel. You can use solvent to thoroughly clean them. There are 8 grams full of quality medical nitrous oxide and purely recyclable steel construction for every charger. They use 1 charger for every pint. Simple to use but used by professionals only.

One box contains 24 new GreatWhip N20 Chargers. The cartridges are silver lacquered to improve rust and corrosion resistance. These N2O chargers have a universal fitting for all your standard screw-on cream whipper connections. They are filled with premium quality pure nitrous oxide gas. Each N2O cartridge is electronically weighed to ensure that you get more volume than mechanical whipping. This will help you save on money and time. You will appreciate how effectively the chargers transform 0.5 liters of liquid whipping cream into 1.5 liters of lip-smacking whipped cream.

Product Features

  • Filled with pure N2O gas cartridges
  • Silver lacquered to prevent rusting
  • Universal fitting for quick and easy installation
  • Electronically weighed

Important Safety Information

  • Beware of high-pressure nitrous oxide gas
  • Only approved cream whippers should be used with the cartridges
  • The recyclable steel is non-refillable and non-aerosol
  • Should only be used for food applications
  • Avoid taking the N2O chargers aboard an airplane
  • Operating temperature should not exceed 50C and storage temperature shouldn’t exceed 3C

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