GreatWhip Black Edition 24Pcs

The Black Edition of GreatWhip’s cream chargers is ideal for making a variety of delectable savoury and sweet dishes. GreatWhip’s Black Edition cream chargers come with 24 8.5g chargers per box.

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Look no further than Great Whip Black Edition cream chargers. This product offers uncompromising quality and pack more than double the volume. Grab one for classy beverages or decadent desserts alike!

Great Whip is your one-stop-shop for all things whipped and foamed. Whether you’re serving tasty beverages or indulgent desserts, we covered you on both. Our cream chargers are used as an infusion agent for spirits and luscious cocktails, among many others. These devices also create foam with flavours such as sweetness. This will give you extra taste when creating drinks at home or restaurants.

Our GreatWhip cream charger packs are your go-to chargers for catering events and home kitchen experiments. They’re just perfect for whipped cream dispensers. These superior quality chargers are designed to work with all standard 8g cream whipper brands.

  • Purest quality N2O
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable steel
  • No metal fragments or oily residue
  • Universal fitting for standard connections
  • Smooth and quick installation

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