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GreatWhip delivers 580g of high-quality food-grade nitrous oxide, making the cream charging process a breeze, allowing you to make a variety of delectable savoury and sweet delicacies.

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GreatWhip 580g Tank cylinder is designed to fill your dispenser quickly and aerate cream faster. This is because the 580g canister has 70 times more gas. This makes Greatwhip 580g cream charger a superior option to go for. Besides, you can adjust the pressure of gas entering the cream dispenser to enhance the quality. This way, you won’t have to worry about your whip cream chargers or dispenser getting ruined by overpressure. With this design, we provide a way to avoid bursting risks. This revolutionary whip cream charger, which contains 580 grams of nitrogen oxide, is designed to make professional kitchen environments more efficient and manageable. It’s certain to make the ordinary whisk and mechanical piping bag redundant. The 580g Greatwhip cream charger gives you higher performance and efficiency. The pressure regulator enables chefs the ability to calibrate the working pressure to suit their needs. This gives them utmost control and precision.

Only the best GreatWhip cream chargers can deliver the taste and quality that sensitive consumers are looking for. Since our professional series of nitrous oxide cartridges are designed specifically for our whipped cream dispensers, our chargers are uniquely made and filled. Not to mention that they’re backed by our one hundred percent quality control testing.

GreatWhip cream chargers are made of 100 percent recyclable steel, have no expiration date and are leakproof.

At GreatWhip, we inspire creativity. Be innovative by creating beverages, desserts and other delicious recipes effortlessly with these premium quality cartridges.

Product name: Cream Charger / N2O charger / N2O cartridge Specification:0.95L/580g
Brand: GreatWhip
Color: Blue zinc coated, or any color painted
Type: Dessert Tools
Dessert Tools Type: Cream Chargers
Material: Metal, Aluminum
Model Number:GRT-580
Useage: Cream Maker Dessert Tools
Gas: Nitrous Oxide N2O
Product Type: Home Kitchenware



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